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volkswagen polo gt tsi

volkswagen polo gt tsi Introduction

The only way to settle this once and for all was to use the GT TSI as our daily drive and figure out for ourselves. We asked the good guys at Volkswagen and they happily sent us one swanky red Polo GT TSI. Externally as well as internally, there is little difference between the GT twins, the major one being the autobox in the TSI while the TDI gets a manual stick. Manual is surely the way to go from an enthusiast’s perspective but I strongly believe practically is also a factor to consider.

volkswagen polo gt tsi


Fuel economy: 18 km/l combined Dimension : 3,971 mm L x 1,682 mm W x 1,469 mm HEngine: 1.0 L 3-cylinderfule tank capicity: 45 LTransmission: 6-speed automatic, 5 & 6-speed manual

volkswagen polo gt tsi


The volkswagen polo gt tsi is a car produced bye the german manufacture volkswagen since 1975. it is sold in Europe The Polo is expensive to buy as a new car and doesn’t offer equivalent bang for buck.One of the biggest arguments in our office has always been about the Polo GT. We have driven the GT TDI extensively and are very impressed with the entire package. It is quite quick and good fun to drive. On the other hand, the GT TSI is more practical owing to its dual-clutch autobox and still tons of fun but something which we just can’t agree on is which one is better between the GTs. While Faisal and Aariz think the GT TDI is the Polo to have, I strongly believe it is the GT TSI, the ideal hot hatch. Parth is the only person neutral here, because if it was up to him, he would pick one each. The design is old now but still looks pleasant.

volkswagen polo gt tsi

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